Update to Library section closure (Derby) now 23rd November - 1 Week

UPDATED: 10/11/2020

Updated due to new start date of works, and unavailability of University of Nottingham networked PCs in Medical School while work is ongoing.

The side room of the Derby library (which contains the University of Nottingham computers and printer) will be closed in the week commencing 23rd November due to new light fittings being installed. There will be some noise and disruption in the library that week that we would like to apologise for in advance.

All of the University networked computers will be out of service for this duration, however the library will remain open. If you are a University of Nottingham student wishing to use a PC for that week, you can work in the library with your own devices, however there are no networked computers available on site.

We apologise for any inconvenience and will aim to have the minimum of disruption to service.

Thank you

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