literature searching

what is a literature search?

A literature search can be defined as a systematic and thorough search of published literature in order to collect information on a particular topic. Literature searches can be used for a variety of reasons such as, continuing professional development e.g. updating oneself in a particular area or for in-service training, to collect information on the effectiveness of health care for evidence based practice, to gather information for a presentation or lecture, to retrieve information on outcome measures or audits and so on.

"Searching is such a complex business. I couldn't have done half as well without the help of librarians"

"Fantastic, prompt, really understood the question I needed answering and really useful information gathered. Thank you!"

"A lot of hard work summarised brilliantly"

This service is available to any member of staff. You can use the form below or contact your Clinical Librarian (CL) if this service is available in your Department (see our Clinical Librarian pages to find out more). If you would like to use the form below, please complete the form with as much information as possible, in order for us to retrieve the relevant results. A member of staff may contact you for clarification if necessary.




Alternatively, a form can be downloaded by clicking on the button below:

Please note that the information supplied by the library in response to a literature search is for information purposes only. Guidance or information relating to specific drug queries or procedures should be referred to Medicines Information (01332 785379)

Our Literature Searching service report will give you an insight into some of the responses we received from our service, and how we performed. To read the report, click on the PDF icon.

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