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ABC of neurodevelopmental disorders
Turtles all the way down
I am not a label : 34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists from past and present
Hands on dyspraxia (developmental coordination disorder) : supporting young people with motor and se
Communication issues in autism and asperger syndrome : do we speak the same language?
An unquiet mind : a memoir of moods and madness
Autism in heels : the untold story of a female life on the spectrum
Autism and masking : how and why people do it, and the impact it can have
Different, not less : a neurodivergent's guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily
Unmasked : the ultimate guide to ADHD, autism and neurodivergence

Above is a selection of some of the new titles (as of June 2024) in our Neurodiversity collection. You can click each book cover to take you to a catalogue page, where you can place a reserve. 

To look at the rest of our stock, you can browse the following class marks in the library: WM 203.5 (developmental disorders including autism in adults), WL 340.6 (dyslexia and dyspraxia), or WS 350.8.P4 (developmental disorders in children AND adults).

You can also view the collection by clicking here: Neurodiversity Collection. You may want to keyword search as it is a long list (pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard, then searching for 'autism', for example). This list also includes our fiction and graphic medicine titles. 

There are a few e-books on this list; you will need to sign up for an
OpenAthens account before you can access them. 

If you are looking for these books physically in the library, everything is stickered with an infinity symbol on the spine and a label on the front as well. Normal borrowing rules apply.


The cover of a journal called 'Autism'


The cover of a journal called 'Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders'

Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The cover of a journal called 'Autism and Developmental Language Impairments'

Autism & Developmental Language Impairments

The cover of a journal called 'Annals of Dyslexia'

Annals of Dyslexia

The cover of a journal called 'Dyslexia'


The cover of a journal called 'Social Care and Neurodisability'

Social Care and Neurodisability

We have a number of journals regarding neurodiversity, which can be seen above. You can click the cover image to go to the BrowZine page for each journal, where you can sort by year to find individual articles. You will need an OpenAthens account to access articles. 

Useful Links and Articles

Below is a list of some useful links we have put together for information, advice and support. This list is current as of July 2024 - it may be updated periodically with new information. Please let us know at if any links are broken or if you're struggling to access anything. 

Accessible Web Content

It is now a government requirement to make your digital content accessible for as many people as possible. You can find some helpful advice here: Publishing accessible documents - GOV.UK (

UK Disability History Month

Disability History Month is held every year, usually in November/December (usually a library display to coincide). Their website has a number of helpful resources and information from previous years' themes: UK Disability History Month – 16 November – 16 December (

A report from the Office for National Statistics showing low employment rates for autistic people (link in title). 

An article from the IEDP (Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals) discussing benefits of neurodiverse employees, and advice for employers (link in title). 

An introduction to some of the different conditions associated with neurodiversity (link in title). 

An article from Harvard Business Review about the competitive advantage of a neurodiverse workforce (link in title). 

ThisAbility Network

UHDB have their own disability and long term conditions network - the link to their intranet page can be found here: ThisAbility and Long Terms Conditions Staff Network | z UHDB Intranet. 

(only accessible to staff members through the intranet)

Autism Page

Click here to open a document with some useful links regarding autism, including NICE guidance, book links and National Autistic Society links. (only accessible to staff members)

Learning Disability and Neurodiversity Team

UHDB have a team who can provide support to patients, families and carers. Their intranet page can be found here: Learning disabilities | z UHDB Intranet

(only accessible to staff members)

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