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Whilst using the library, you are free to bring your own food and drinks, but please make sure that you clear away any litter, and be careful having drinks close to  computers or electrical equipment.​

When visiting the Derby site library, you can enjoy a complimentary hot drink and biscuit. There is also a comfy seating area for you to relax and read some of the newspapers and magazines we offer. 

Both sites also have water fountains for you to get a cup of water or refill water bottles.  There are also vending machines just past the glass corridor leading to the Derby library, and coffee and snack machines in the assembly area at Burton.

Computer Access

Computer Access

The Derby site Library has extensive IT facilities for use. These include:

  • University Room – A number of University of Nottingham Networked PCs and a networked photocopier.

  • IT Room – A number of networked PCs providing access to Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Office 2010, GURU and E-Rostering

  • IT Suite – A number of networked PCs providing access to Internet Explorer, Chrome, Office 2010, Adobe, ORMIS, ICM and GURU

  • A number of Desktop 'docking stations' which can be used with laptops

  • Lapsafe, our laptop lending lockers.

  • Scanners, CD Writers and DVD players

  • Free WiFi, via NHS WiFi. Students can access Wifi using Eduroam. 

The Burton site Library also has extensive IT facilities for use. These include:

  • PCs -  6 open access PCs providing access to Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Office 2010, Reference Manager software and networked printing facilities 

  • Scanning and colour printing facilities are available via our networked photocopier

  • Free WiFi via NHS Wifi and Eduroam


Lapsafe lockers are currently at the Derby site and Burton site. With these lockers, you can follow the instructions on the automated screen to borrow laptops which are plugged in, in each locker. The process is simple and you will just need your library barcode to issue.


On return, follow the onscreen return instructions, the laptop can then be simply returned to the indicated Lapsafe locker, plugged back in and it will come off your library account. Please note the laptop return time when issuing, which can be printed off on the receipt if requested.

On returning the laptops to the lockers, please leave switched on to allow for updates. Also please check that the chargers and bags that are available are also returned.

These are Trust laptops and will work with the Desktop docking stations in the library.



• NHS Wi-Fi :- This is the basic, free, patient Wi-Fi offering. It’s suitable to download email and manage instant messaging and some light web browsing, but not suitable for video. It is currently available only at the Derby site, but is being rolled out across the rest of the trust very soon.
• NHS Wifi-Premium :- This is a pay-for faster tier offering, similar to the previous premium service. It is also only available at Derby sites now, but will again be rolled out soon.Once launched on a hospital site, these two networks are immediately useable by non-staff.
• NHS Staff :- This is a free to all trust staff service. It lies between the two services above in terms of speed. It requires an NHS mail, ISS or Skanska email address to access: logon to the network and follow the instructions on the web pages that open.

If there are issues with the service, please contact the  WiFiSpark helpdesk on: 0344 848 9555 or

'Eduroam' is accessible in the our libraries for students wishing to access WiFi. You will need to login with your University details.

Photocopy/Print Services
Study Facilities

Photocopying and Printing

Self-service photocopying facilities are available. We also have networked printers on all of our PCs at Derby.

University of Nottingham at Derby users can use their print/photocopying credit on the PCs and photocopier in the University Room.

Printing at the Burton site is available. Please see a member of the Library staff.

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Study Facilities 

In addition to the computer areas, we also have a number of private study desks and have a quiet areas for reading, study and relaxation. 

For group study, we have bookable rooms if you needed to conduct group study or hold small group meetings. We strive to make the library a peaceful and pleasant environment to work and study, so ask for users to be respectful in terms of noise towards other library users.



In the Derby library, there are 2 seminar rooms, that can be booked for private meetings or small group meetings. 

Seminar room 1 is suitable for small groups or teams, and has a large central table arrangement, with a large screen and computer to enable Teams or Powerpoint for example.

Seminar room 2 is smaller, with a round table, and is more suitable for single user study or Teams sessions.

In addition, the IT room is also bookable for large group sessions where a number of PCs are required, for example an online training session. In exceptional circumstances, our IT suite can also be used, but this is usually only for unique events with very large groups or teams.

For all of our room bookings, please check with the Library staff for availability and booking. Block booking is usually discouraged as we like to give all of our users the opportunity to use our facilities. Please also let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a pre-booked session.

The Burton site library has a seperate IT room in the main library. This is not a bookable room and can be used as a drop-in for PC use.

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