Health Information Week - Living Library -Tuesday 6th July

Want to find out what it’s really like to have a long term condition? Borrow a Living Book, from the Living Library!

On Tuesday 6th July, 2-4pm, several UHDB staff have volunteered to be Living Books, sharing their experience of a long term condition. This includes mental health conditions, and physical conditions such as Crohn’s disease and labyrinthitis.

We’re running the Living Library for Health Information Week (#HIW2021). This is a national week to raise awareness of the value of high quality information for patients and the public. This year, for #HIW2021, we’re focussing on NHS staff and the qualitative, experiential aspect of health information – what it’s really like to have a particular long term condition.

More details, and the MS Teams links can be found on our Health Information Week page:

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