Be part of a Living Library: help others understand your experience of a long term condition

UHDB Libraries would like to offer something different for Health Information Week 2021 (5th-11th July)- a ‘Living Library’.

It is as it sounds – a Living Library contains living books!

Supporting the Trust’s Health & Wellbeing Agenda, this initiative works just like a normal library: readers can browse the catalogue for the available titles, choose the book they want to read, and borrow it for a limited period of time. After reading, they return the book to the library and, if they want, borrow another. The only difference is that in the Living Library, books are people, and reading consists of a one-to-one conversation.

Health Information Week (5th-11th July) is a national, multi-sector campaign promoting high-quality health information ( This year, we’re focusing on information about the experience of long term conditions and COVID-19.

We are looking for volunteers to take part, so if you have a story to share and are happy to chat with readers about your personal experience of a long-term condition or of having Covid-19, we would like to hear from you. The Living Library will be open to readers who work anywhere in UHDB or Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust. It will be possible to take part online, making it easy to join in wherever you are.

Examples of topics could include: Supporting a loved one through dementia; living with autism; back pain; diabetes; or any other condition.

If you would like to take part or find out more please contact or

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