Educational Board Games for loan

Can you be a winner in the "Game of Stools?" Why not try one of our educational board games that are available for loan at our Derby site. Titles such as "Mastering Mentoring", "The Drug Round Game" and "The Sepsis Game. Spot It. Beat It. Treat it!"

Many more titles available, learning can be fun!


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Koha unavailable - software upgrade

Our library management system Koha will be unavailable from Tuesday 24th November (PM) until Wednesday 25th November (AM) for a scheduled software update. We do not have specific times at this moment.

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A recent report by Health Education England has looked into the value provided by the Library and Knowledge services to the NHS.

Library closure -17th Nov 10-12

We are closing the RDH library on Tuesday 17th November 10-12 for a staff meeting. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Any queries relating to this closure, please don't hesitate to get in touc