2nd prize for Beth Rawson, Sally Hernando Innovation Awards, for institutional repository, ORDA

Our deputy manager, Beth Rawson, has been awarded 2nd prize in the Sally Hernando Innovation Awards, for the institutional repository, ORDA. Many congratulations Beth!

The judges have said:

"Beth’s project speaks directly to the aspirations of the Knowledge for Healthcare Programme in terms of mobilising evidence and organisational knowledge. ORDA uses Open Access Protocols to capture, store and preserve research outputs to respond to increase the exposure of organisational research activities. Learning points are presented, particularly the importance of having a locally based champion so facilitate engagement with the ORDA repository. The learning from this project has the potential for broad application throughout the library and information sector and has led to cooperative working and the sharing of innovative practice within and outwith Derbyshire."

"An excellent example of cross-organisation partnership to solve a problem common to all. This project is based on research evidence, shows clear thinking around the governance issues involved, and the method used to resolve these. It is one of the few applications to provide explicit and clear reference to KfH and LQAF. It provides some clear basic statistics to demonstrate use, and evidence of engagement from clinicians."

"Clearly mapped to KfHC priorities, and innovative in addressing a widespread KM hurdle: setting up local knowledge/research repositories, and involving researchers in updating them."

"This is a good example of LKS leadership in knowledge management, also collaboration between LKS at different Trusts, offering economies of scale, partnership building with local departments to further enhance LKS reputation and may be widely replicated."

For more info on ORDA, click on the following link:

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