What You Thought of Us: Survey Results

The full results of the survey can be found here:

S:\Education\Library\Survey\Library Survey Results 2017.htm

304 people completed our survey

On their last visit, 94% found what they were looking for (which is fabulous!)

77% ranked our staff as 'Very Good' in terms of helpfulness. Customer care is something that we try to continually build on within the Library and every member of our team has recently attended customer care training.

59% had never heard of ORDA, the research repository for the Trust that we are responsible for. Please do take the time to look at ORDA. It has over 500 articles/posters and other published works from our Trust staff. Please take a look under the 'E-Resources' section of the website for details.

A number of you mentioned the lack of PC's in the University Room. We acknowledge that this is causing problems and will work with the University to solve this. There are currently 6 PC's in the University Room. Last year, the University added 6 new double sockets to enable the use of personal devices. If you're struggling to find a PC, we do have 10 PC's in our IT Room, 15 in our IT Suite and 8 in our Internet Cafe. Alternatively, we do loan out tablets free of charge and have a bench in the IT Suite that accommodates the use of 12 personal devices at any one time.

The two most popular forms of social media in use are Facebook (84%) and YouTube (52%)

Thanks once more to everyone who took the time to complete the survey!

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