ORDA is 6 Months Old!

We have come a long way since December! We now have 563 research papers uploaded onto the repository. Since January, we have had 11,406 page views, 1, 799 unique visitors and 431 downloaded articles. So thank you for your support.

Here are our top ten most prolific authors within the Trust:

1. Christopher McIntyre (Renal) - 51 papers

2. Richard Fluck (Renal) - 39 papers

3. Maarten Taal (Renal) - 35 papers

4. Nicholas Selby (Renal) - 27 papers

5. Jonathan Lund (General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery) - 23 papers

6. Andrew Austin (Hepatology, Gastroenterology) - 15 papers

7. Natasha McIntyre (Renal) - 15 papers

8. Ranjendra Bommireddy (Spinal Surgery) - 14 papers

9. John Williams (Pain Management) - 14 papers

10. Nitin Kolhe (Renal) - 13 papers

If you would like any of your research output (articles, posters, book chapters etc) uploading onto ORDA then please contact Beth on

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