The resources on the NICE Evidence Services pages include the Evidence search, access to the British National Formularies, Clinical Knowledge Summaries, and the Journals and Databases page which includes HDAS. (see separate help page for HDAS)

Evidence search

Evidence search provides access to selected and authoritative evidence in health, social care and public health.

  • combines evidence on health, drugs and technologies, public health, social care, and healthcare management and commissioning in one place

  • brings together high quality consolidated and synthesised evidence from hundreds of trusted sources.

  • includes guidance, systematic reviews, evidence summaries and patient information.

  • freely available, without needing to log in.

  • content is refreshed regularly and up to date.

  • full text of the search results can be freely obtained in most cases.

  • offers filters to manage search results, allowing access to relevant information more quickly.

Sources include: British National Formulary, Clinical Knowledge Summaries, SIGN, the Cochrane Library and Royal Colleges, Social Care Online and GOV.UK.

British national formulary (bnf)

How to Use the BNF is aimed as a quick refresher for all healthcare professionals involved with prescribing, monitoring, supplying, and administering medicines, and as a learning aid for students training to join these professions. While How to Use the BNF is linked to the main elements of rational prescribing, the generic structure of this section means that it can be adapted for teaching and learning in different clinical settings.

clinical knowledge summaries

Clinical Knowledge Summaries are concise, accessible summaries of current evidence for primary care professionals. There are over 350 topics to chose from. 

The topics focus on the most common and significant presentations in primary care. They give trusted information to support safe decision-making and improve standards of patient care. 

CKS topics are developed and updated using the best available evidence. High-quality secondary evidence from NICE accredited resources - like NICE guidance and Cochrane systematic reviews - is identified first. Primary research and expert opinion is sought where necessary.

You can search for a topic, or browse the topics which are in alphabetical order.

Journals and databases

For the guide to the healthcare databases, please see the separate HDAS guide pages

To search for journals, click on the A-Z List of Available Journals link on the first page. This will take you to the My Journals page.


My Journals gives you access to full text electronic journals and e-books available to NHS staff, and  details of print journals and subscriptions that are local to the Derby Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Journals and Databases.png

It is important that you login using your Athens account in order to view the subscriptions and print copies of journals held by this library. These will be excluded from your search otherwise.

You can login at the top right hand corner of the page, or by clicking the link in the yellow box.

You can search for full text journal titles that are available to you using title keywords in the search box. You can search for a title phrase, for keywords at the start of a journal title or for all title keywords.

Use the 'journals starting with' browse to look for titles beginning with that letter and the resulting 'jump to' option to further refine your results.

The 'journal look up' form can be used to generate a link to an individual journal, searching by ISSN, where is it available in full text.

If logged into Athens (this will show in the top right hand corner), you will be able to see local content, for example, print journal holdings and their starting volume as well as links to the electronic journals.

If you are already signed in to Athens and you link through to a journal that requires Athens authentication, you should automatically be able to access the journal without having to sign in again.


If you find there is a problem accessing a journal title that we should have access to, please let us know.