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Continuous Improvement

Organizing the Calendar

Strategic Objective 5 - Quality Strategy

"Our PRIDE Improvement Practice is our approach to growing improvement capability and confidence throughout our workforce.

We will create an environment to support and encourage everyone to identify and remove waste in our processes and systems, to make the way we work better all round. In doing so, we will improve patient care by spending more time on those interactions and tasks that add value to our patients and less on those that don’t."

- Quality Strategy 2020-2025

Bit in here about the improvement journey - waste reduction and focus on people and a bit about the methods used (Kata, 10 steps, visual management?)

What's our visions for improvement?


We are trying to continuously identify and remove "waste" from our working lives.


For our customers:

We are doing this to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of our services...and, where possible, take waste out.

For ourselves:

We are also doing this to improve our working environment by simplifying what we do and removing unnecessary stress.


We are using Continuous Improvement: This involves changing the way we think about, and how we behave at work.

We are using tools from a range of sources including NHSi and QSIR

We are doing this as a whole team.

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