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Health and Wellbeing

Health Education England and the Reading Agency have crowd-sourced a list of uplifting, digital resources from NHS staff, including poems, podcasts, websites and apps. The choices on the website were recommended by your colleagues in the NHS, and are ideal for boosting your mood. You can use at your leisure via any computer or mobile device.

Links can be found here:


Health Awareness events from Clinical Key


On Tuesday December 7th at 15:00hrs, we will be hosting an “Oncology Dialogue Space: Impact of COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) on Cancer patients and the role of vaccination”. Find here the registration link and below more information.

Elsevier is committed to support you to improve patient outcomes, so we have created this Dialogue space to share best practices among Oncology healthcare workers and help you to keep abreast of the latest thinking. The 45 min virtual event will have 3 parts and certificate will be provided for those attending the session

o   First, Dr. Menna Fouda will share briefly her research regarding the impact of the waves of COVID19 pandemic on Breast cancer diagnoses and treatments.

o   Then, the Dialogue space will continue adding the experience of Dr. Ankit Jain and discussing about:

·       Cancer patients, mainly those with lung cancers and those on immunotherapy and how COVID-19 affected the management

·       Research conducted on Oncology during the pandemic and the main outcomes

·       COVID-19 vaccination for cancer patients, indications & prioritization

o   We will conclude having a space for Q&A with the attendees will give space to those who would like to share their experiences and discuss relevant topics further 

All month - HIV/AIDS Awareness Month

December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month, and we want to remind everyone about the importance of HIV prevention, research, HIV testing, and the issues for particular population groups. Find out more in your ClinicalKey account here!/search/HIV%20&%20AIDS

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All Month – Flu Season 

Elsevier has created the Influenza Healthcare Hub to help healthcare professionals navigate the flu season. Here you will find evidence-based clinical flu resources and the latest information about vaccines and therapies available to patients. Just recently Elsevier updated the clinical overview of Influenza and added videos detailing expectations for the 2021-2022 flu season, the possibility of a “twindemic,” and timing of the COVID-19 booster shot and influenza vaccine. Visit the free Influenza Healthcare Hub here  

#fluseason #COVID-19 #Booster #ClinicalKey #Influenza


Dec 3rd – International Day of Persons with Disabilities 

It’s #InternationaDayofPersonsWithDisabilities. The aim is to promote awareness, empowerment and support to understand people with disabilities and give professionals more access for evidence-based content.  

Read the guideline from your ClinicalKey account on “Preventing, assessing and managing mental health problems in people with learning disabilities in all settings (including health, social care, education, and forensic and criminal justice). It aims to improve assessment and support for mental health conditions, and to help people with learning disabilities and their families and carers to be involved”. Click here:!/content/nice_guidelines/65-s2.0-NG54 

#healthdays #ClinicalKey #IDPwD #DiversityandInclusion #DEI #EMPOWER



Dec 2nd to 8th – National Grief Awareness Week 

People experience grief differently. It can be particularly challenging for people working in healthcare. Listen to the Elsevier Clinical Insights podcast episode exploring the many layers and stages of grief. In the first conversation in the two-part series, grief investigator Lizzie Pickering explains the stages of grief and shares practical tips on how to talk about grief with patients, families, and colleagues.  
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Health Awareness calendar

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