Health and Wellbeing


January 2021

Start 2021 the best way possible with Dry January – the UK's one-month alcohol-free challenge. Get your fun back. Get your energy back. Get your calm back.

Get your YOU back.


10th March

No Smoking Day

If you smoke, quitting is the single most important step you can take to protect the health of your heart.


4th - 10th May

4 – 10th May 2020 – ‘acquired deafness’



Deaf Awareness Week is a unique campaign in that so many different organisations participate, each able to promote their own work within the broad spectrum of deafness.


4th February

This year's World Cancer Day's theme, 'I Am and I Will', is all about you and your commitment to act. We believe that through our positive actions, together we can reach the target of reducing the number of premature deaths from cancer and noncommunicable diseases by one third by 2030.


2nd April

National Walk to Work Day – get involved!
Taking simple steps to improve your health could pay dividends years down the line.

Getting involved in National Walk to Work Day could help put you on the right track to a healthier you.


14th-20th June

Everyone’s experience of diabetes is different, but we’re united by a common goal – building a better future.