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TITLE:     Living With Crohn’s: my constant companion!

AUTHOR:      Samantha Johnston        


BORROWING PERIOD:  15 minutes, Tuesday 6th July

SUBJECT: Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis come under the banner of IBD, or irritable bowel disease, often confused with IBS, which more people have heard of.


IBD is a chronic condition, an autoimmune disease, aetiology often uncertain although with strong links to inheritance.  Outcomes are as variable as symptoms but there's more of us out there than you know.


In 2008 I started experiencing breath taking abdominal cramps that came out of nowhere and feeling sick, no pattern, no discernible reason.  After almost a year of developing an increasingly close relationship with my then GP, we finally reached a 'Eureka' moment with a diagnosis of Crohn's.  I was given a bunch of leaflets, an uncertain disease pattern and told to get on with life.  Almost a year to the day later I woke up in hospital after needing emergency surgery to repair a perforated bowel and a large chunk of my bowel removed, as well as a brand new stoma.  My journey with my companion had truly gone to a 'new level'!!


12 years on, I've had two more surgeries including a stoma reversal, a fair few viewings of my inner workings and a list of people that I chat to when its not going to plan.  I work, I play, I live my life like any other person, but some days it's just a wee bit harder.