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Registering for an OpenAthens account (or "Athens" account as it is also known) is a relatively simple process. Everything is done online in a step by step process and this guide will take you through all of the steps in registering.

You will need to visit to go to the registration page. (You can click on the button to open in a new window)


In the first page, you will see a number of boxes that need to be filled in.

Firstly fill in your name and NHS email address. If you do not have an NHS mail address, type in a student mail address or home e-mail.

Having an NHS mail address will identify you as a member of NHS staff.

When you come to enter your organisation, start to type "University Hospitals", then select  Derby and Burton NHS from the drop down box that will appear.

If you are a student registering for Athens, please use your student email address as your professional/work email address.

Work your way through the form, filling in all of your details then press "SUBMIT"

A confirmation screen will then appear and confirmation details will also be emailed to your email account.

Follow the link provided in the email to set your password.


Your Athens account is now ready for use.Confirmation of your registration will also be emailed to the Library & Knowledge Service, as the administration account holders for the Trust. However, we will not receive knowledge of your password.


If you forget your password, you can contact the Library. We will be able to access the administration system and will reset your password remotely. You can then log in with the new password and change it to something you will remember easily.

*If you register for an account from a non-NHS PC (e.g. your home computer) you will have to wait for your NHS details to be verified before being assigned your username and having your account activated. This delay can take up to 14 days. Therefore it is  recommended that you register for Athens from a PC on the Trust site, for example a PC in the Library. This will enable your  account to be recognised and activated almost immediately. However, once you have successfully registered, you can access Athens from any location, at work or at home.