The Queen Victoria Collection

In 1891, Queen Victoria visited Derby for the purpose of laying down the foundation stone of the new Derbyshire Royal Infirmary on London Road. The previous infirmary, designed by William Strutt that stood in the same location had been deemed unfit for purpose and its design was blamed for an outbreak of typhoid in 1890.  The Mayor of Derby, Sir Alfred Seale Haslam  oversaw the  replacement of the old William Strutt Infirmary with the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.

We have many objects in our collection that relate to this visit, and the laying of the stone including the ceremonial hammer and spirit level used on the occasion. There are also a number of commemorative items and souvenirs that marked the occasion. We also hold a visitors book for the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary which holds the signatures of the very first visitors to the hospital, including the signatures of Queen Victoria and her accompanying niece Princess Mary Adelaide.

In the centenary year of the visit, the hospital held a special event featuring the recreation of the Queens visit, we have photos of this event, and the visit by the then Duke of Devonshire, as well as the events programme.

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