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TITLE:     Understanding Autism

AUTHOR:   Owain Blackwood  


BORROWING PERIOD:  15 minutes, Tuesday 6th July

SUBJECT: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Owain Blackwood has Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a neurodevelopmental condition on the neurodiversity spectrum, one of many where the brain grows and develops differently to the average (neurotypical) template.

People with autism are not all alike and have very different personalities, abilities, deficits and talents. In Owain's case, this manifests as profound prosopagnosia (face blindness), difficulties in recognising/understanding body language, and social communication. Traits that have proved useful include an above-average memory and a strong curiosity about the world in general. Like many people with autism, Owain has received support and assistance to help him understand other people.

Owain has worked several jobs, but is currently a doctor right here at the Royal Derby Hospital! He is willing to answer your questions about life with autism, its advantages, challenges, the support he has received, and other topics you may wish to know.