Resource trials

As a library, we want to provide the best possible service and the most up to date resources for our users, so we regularly trial new products and gather feedback to ensure we are giving our library users exactly what they want.

Our trial resources often require a valid Athens username and password for the duration of the trial. Alternative access will be included with the trial information on the left.

We try hard, within our budget to provide resources that work for our users, and so feedback is very important to us in informing decisions on which resources to purchase.

If you have used one of our trial products and would like to provide feedback, please let us know via our contact page, likewise, If there is a new resource that you know about and can recommend to us, please let us know.

Currently on Trial

We have a 1year subscription to Clinical Key.

ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine from Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. 

Login will be via Athens