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TITLE:    Hyperhidrosis

AUTHOR:  Liz Turner


BORROWING PERIOD:  15 minutes, Tuesday 6th July

SUBJECT: Dermatology, Sweat Glands   

Hyperhidrosis is abnormally excessive sweating which can occur irrespective of heat or exercise.  It’s more commonly recognised now but I lived with it for 25 years before being given a diagnosis and treatment. (including a whole raft of tests in hospital whilst pregnant because my skin was actually peeling!). I became adept at avoiding handshakes, paper bags, ink pens, tight fitting clothing…

Whilst not a physical disability as such, this condition caused me huge distress all through childhood (when people will insist on holding hands) and early adulthood and parenthood (again, the hand-holding thing!) It became so much easier to manage when I could give it a name and know that it wasn’t in some way my fault,  perhaps because I was overweight or ate too much salt.

I hope to offer some insight, into the psychological effects and some of the treatments I’ve tried, for those who are interested or think they might also have a problem.