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Welcome to Libraries Week 2021!

Libraries Week is an annual showcase and celebration of the best that libraries have to offer. Each year has a theme and this year’s is “taking action and changing lives!”

We are focusing on how our service and resources help to change lives for the better, whether that be by supporting Health and Wellbeing initiatives, or by saving valuable time by providing the means of finding information quickly.

As usual, we also have a competition with fantastic prizes!


October is also Black History Month and the wellbeing team have some events planned and we also have a number of books by black authors coming to our libraries soon!

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Competition Time!

Fabulous prizes to be won! Simply complete the wordsearch in the link below, screenshot the result to us at  for a chance to win. Paper copies are also available at RDH and QHB libraries.


Get Social!

#sharethechange this Libraries Week

The focus of this years theme is Taking Action Changing Lives, and sharing stories of the change the library has made to their life or how the library has enabled them to make a positive impact on their community. If you have social media, you can use the #sharethechange hashtag this week to tell us of the impact the library has had on you.

Supporting each other across #TeamUHDB

Supporting Your Health and Wellbeing

We have a collection of fiction and leisure in our libraries, selected from various Health and Wellbeing lists, available for all users. Drawing on this, we also run the UHDB LKS Book Club, meeting once every 8 weeks to discuss a book, hand-picked by one of our team.

Simply enquire at the counter or contact us at

You can visit our Health and Wellbeing page here 

Supporting each other across #TeamUHDB

Making Your Lives Easier

We find evidence to support your research, your work, and/or your CPD. We can scour the information or provide you with the skills to do it more effectively, saving you time and making your life a bit easier. Simply enquire at the counter or contact us at

Our Clinical Librarians are waiting to help you!

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If you're not on social media, but would like to comment on the positive impact that libraries have had on you, please feel free to comment below!