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TITLE:     What it’s like to have a mental health diagnosis

AUTHOR:  Hazel Adams


BORROWING PERIOD:  15 minutes, Tuesday 6th July

SUBJECT: Depression, anxiety, delusions and paranoia

Hazel knew something wasn’t right when she found herself at the age of 14 climbing onto a chair in readiness to jump out of her bedroom window.  Yet another strong intrusive thought had instructed her to do so.  What stopped her?  The belief that she wouldn’t die, and she could be left paralysed and therefore an even bigger burden on her parents than she already felt she was.  On the same night Hazel experienced her first panic attack.

Hazel is very open about her condition. She is happy to share what has worked in getting her back on the road to recovery/ into remission over the last 26 years, how it has affected her relationship with her family /friends, and an insight into mental health treatment. The only treatment Hazel has not had is cold therapy!