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How to Search The Literature Effectively


A step-by-step guide to finding information and developing the skills for successful searching.

These modules are designed to help the healthcare workforce (clinical and non-clinical) build confidence to search published literature for articles and evidence relevant to their work, study and research. The modules are short (each taking no more than 20 minutes to complete) and may be ‘dipped into’ for reference, or completed to obtain a certificate. There are seven modules suitable for novice searchers and those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

Building the foundations

  • Module 1. Introduction to searching

  • Module 2. Where do I start searching?

  • Module 3. How do I start to develop a search strategy?

Developing the skills

  • Module 4. Too many results? How to narrow your search

  • Module 5. Too few results? How to broaden your search

  • Module 6. Searching with subject headings

Applying the skills

  • Module 7. How to search the Healthcare Databases (HDAS)

Access the modules here: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/literature-searching/

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Animations to help you apply OR/AND in your searches:


NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework Programme now live

The NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework is designed to help individuals working in health and care to develop skills to mobilise knowledge effectively in their organisations.

The framework aims to help them to learn before, during and after everything that they do so that best practice is replicated and pitfalls can be avoided. It introduces 11 techniques to help plan, co-ordinate and implement knowledge mobilisation activities.

To complement the elearning there are also a suite of postcards, which are available to download here: https://kfh.libraryservices.nhs.uk/knowledge-management/nhs-knowledge-mobilisation-framework-postcards/

The programme is a re-working of an original concept devised by what was the Department of Health Connecting for Health Knowledge Management Team and the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Library and Knowledge Services Team.

The e-learning programme is available to access via the e-LfH Hub and ESR. For more information about the programme please visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/knowledge-mobilisation-framework/


Or speak to your regional library lead. For the HEE Midlands and the East region it is ruth.carlyle@hee.nhs.uk