An OpenAthens account allows you to access a range of quality information online. Users can access Healthcare Databases Advanced Search(HDAS) and nationally purchased content, which includes bibliographic databases from:

  • Ovid (Medline, Embase, AMED, HMIC and PsycINFO)

  • ProQuest (BNI)

  • Full-text databases from EBSCO (Cinahl and Health Business Elite)

  • Journals from the BMJ and AMA collections.

You may also be able to access extra content which has been purchased in your region or by your organisation.

Changing your OpenAthens account over from another organisation to UHDB

If you already have an OpenAthens account from a previous organisation, you will need to change it over to UHDB to be able to access our resources.

Go to:

Click on the Login to OpenAthens link, under More Information, on the bottom right of the page.  Sign in. You will then see the option to Change Organisation on the left-hand side.

(Please Note: If your account is due to expire you will see Renew instead of Change Organisation. Click on this link and update your organisation to UHDB).


To take a look at what E-resources we have available, go to our E-resources links page. If you need any help using the resources, visit our help pages. Please select from the buttons below: